Tyrell Lloyd

I have created this site as a place to showcase my work in the film industry. My official resume can be found in "Personal Info".

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Exedia Nation will be the first 3D short film shot as a 581 thesis film at the University of Southern California.

The film is a science-fiction action film that takes place on a man made mechanical planet in the year 2156.

Kathleen, a government biologist researches a cure for a deadly disease while trying to free her husband and son from a high security prison. But the government she works for betrays her trust and threatens the future of humanity. Will she succeed in stopping the disease and rescue her family in time?

Be one of many Exedians and join us at our Facebook fan site to support this story and discover more cool things about this project.

September 2009

My short film Turnover has been recently selected for the San Diego Film Festival and will have its world premiere on Septmber 24th 2009 at 6:00pm at the Gaslamp Theatre in San Diego. Additional information can befound at http://www.tyrelllloyd.com/facebook

turnover movie

Visit the official Turnover site for additional info at http://www.TurnoverTheMovie.com